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proudly serving our customers since 1959

With EasyEasel, we produce all of our chipboard and corrugated easel backs at our Midwest facility, located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our company has been providing quality service and products for over 60 years.   Our commitment to our customers has always been our first priority. We are proud of our staff and their dedication to our ultimate goal, customer satisfaction.

We recognize the ever changing industry we are a part of. We understand that there is a demand for higher technology and faster production. Although we strive to meet those demands, we still hold on to our roots, that good old fashion hard work makes the difference every time. In the near future, we continue to become more diversified while maintaining our foundation in the graphic finishing industry.

In our “green” effort, we have become more efficient and less wasteful. If we can’t use it, we recycle it. Our plant currently recycles paper, plastic, metal and aluminum. We salvage stretch wrap, skid banding and broken pallets. We are continually learning more and finding new ways to do our part.

About Us

Our Products

low cost, high quality chipboard & corrugated easel backs and sheets

Our easels can be used for Point of Purchuse (POP) displays, counter card holders, counter displays, art display, poster stand or holder as well as many other display stands!  Our chipboard sheets are great for scrapbooking, picture frame backers, display backers, and more!

Both the kraft easels and sheets are made out of sturdy .45 chipboard that will hold materials such as cardboard, foam board, variety of plastic material and much more.  Our white easel backs are made out of F flute corrugated board. 

Our easels are avaliable with or without self stick adhesive.  The adhesive also will stick to a variety of materials and has an easily removable liner. 

Our easel backs are simple to assemble with quick locking tabs to create a sturdy display or stand.  These easel backs are avaliable in double wing or single wing as well as a variety of sizes ranging from 4" to 38".

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Contact Us

6300 Brookville Road Building B Indianapolis, IN 46219 traci@cwgraphicfinishing

  Tel: 317-352-1000

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